2014 Swim Season
Memorial Day thru Labor Day
Pointer Ridge Swim & Racquet Club

In the heart of South Bowie, nestled in a wooded five-acre tract, you will find a superb venue for summer fun. For 40 years, the Pointer Ridge Swim & Racquet Club (PRSR) has provided outstanding facilities for summer-time swimming and year-round tennis.

PRSR has three pools, four tennis courts, and a variety of complementary diversions for children and adults alike. Move your mouse over our layout (on the right) to find out more about PRSR facilities.

Learn how to swim or play tennis, and then sharpen those skills in the pools or on a court. Or simply make PRSR your summer hang-out. Relax on the pool deck or in the picnic area, cool off in the pool, have a picnic or enjoy the offerings of our snack bar. And be sure to check out the Social Schedule for family nights and special events.

Not yet a member? Find out more about our swimming and tennis programs, our affordable membership options (some as low as $150), and our availability for office picnics and private parties. The menu bar at the top of this page has links for all this and more. Or simply email us at info@prsr.com with any questions you may have. See you at the pool!
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